University Policies

Welcome to the University of Denver Policies website. DU’s policy environment is designed to enhance the University’s mission, promote operational efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce institutional risk. The University of Denver official Policies Manual is maintained and managed by the Department of Business and Financial Affairs. Business and Financial Affairs also staffs and manages the University of Denver Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) which reviews and submits for approval to the Chancellor and/or the Board of Trustees, all university policies that have campus-wide application.

The development and maintenance of a robust, comprehensive policy environment is a key way to communicate the University’s values and expectations to members of the DU community. University policies are applicable campus-wide and provide the foundation of University operations. These policies support the University’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by promoting an inclusive academic culture, supporting and retaining diverse faculty and staff, and providing equitable foundational principles for operations.

We encourage all community members to use this site as the main source for University-wide policies, as it will feature the most current information and updates on all policy-related items.

Many departmental or divisional policies and procedures, although useful and important, do not meet the criteria above and, therefore, are not considered University policies. All departmental policies and procedures must be consistent with University policies.

If there is a discrepancy between a division version of a policy and the University of Denver Policies Manual, the version on the official University of Denver Policies website is considered the official policy.

Note: Polices are being added to this website as they are reviewed and approved. Until all current University Policies are reviewed and transitioned to the new policy template and available on this website, they may be found the Business and Financial Affairs site

Find a Policy

Explore a searchable database of University policies. 

Policy Development

Learn how University policies are developed, then review and provide feedback on recently approved new policies and policy revisions.

Policy Oversight

Find information on how we develop, authorize and implement policies across the University.

Policy Advisory Committee

The University’s Policy Advisory Committee is a standing University committee whose role is to advise the University community on policy development, to review and approve proposals for new policies and policy revisions, to ensure that policies are properly approved and implemented, and generally to support the policy development and implementation process at the University.

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Rosalynn Feagins, Policy Advisory Committee Chair, Assistant Treasurer, Business and Financial Affairs

Alana Phanichpatom, Associate Dean for Administration, Korbel School of International Studies

Beth Robischon, Senior Associate General Counsel, Office of General Counsel

Janet Burkhardt, Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Financial Services

Suzanne Kern, Associate General Counsel

Dennis Maurice Becker, Registrar, Office of the Registrar

Mark Derham, Clery and Compliance Coordinator, Department of Campus Safety

Jeff Banks, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Dean Saitta, Director of Urban Studies; Professor, Anthropology, Department of Anthropology

Alain Bouit, Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Security Officer, IT Infrastructure

Eric Hartman, Executive Director, Enterprise Risk Management

Margaret Tezak, Privacy and Policy Manager